SUMMERBOARD: Experience the freedom of being a snowboarder every day with the only board that lets you hold and control the edge like you do on the slopes. 

“This is exactly like snowboarding. It gives you the same feeling of the shred, drifting and carving.”

Ultimate Edge Control: Snowboarding is about holding and controlling an edge. Our unique 360 Drive System enables you to experience the same edge control you get on the slopes

Endless Rides, No Lifts: Every snowboarder dreams of the endless slope. In 20 seconds or less, simply swap out the battery on-the-go (it easily fits in a backpack) and keep shredding.

Not Locked On the Board: In snowboarding, if the board goes down, you go down with it. With Summerboarding, if you start to fall or feel unsteady, you can easily jump off and try again.

Built By Snowboarders: We are obsessed with our sport. Every product we build, every app we create, and everything we do, is to make snowboarding a bigger part of your everyday life.

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